fire dampers

  • mcr DOR smoke dampers are intended for installation in automatically operated fire ventilation systems. The devices are used in fire ventilation systems. The dampers prevent fire, smoke and fire gases from spreading to the adjacent zones. During normal system operation, the damper blade is closed. The fire damper blade in the fire compartment is opened, whereas in other areas the blades are closed. Admissible flow velocity in the connected duct is 15 m/s.

  • mcr WIP LD dampers consist of a casing with a rectangular cross-section, multiple moving damper blades – louvers rotating around their own axes – and a remotely activated trigger and control mechanism, which is installed inside the damper clearance.

  • Our mcr FID WING fire dampers are designed for installation at penetrations of day-to-day ventilation ductwork through the building walls and horizontal assemblies

  • Cut-off fire dampers mcr FID 240 are intended to be installed as part of a general ventilation system in points of contact with vertical building partitions. They preserve the fire-resistance of ventilation and air conditioning ducts located within during fires. Simultaneously preventing flames, smoke and fire gases from accessing the rest of the building. In normal circumstances the blade remains open, automatically closing in case of fire. Dampers cannot work properly in dustiness-prone spaces, unless subjected to the special, individually fitted servicing and technical inspection regimen.